White's Tree Frog Facts

whites tree frog climbs his cage

Changing Colors

White's Tree Frogs will frequently change colors. Sometimes bright green, sometimes a dark olive.

Contributions to Science

The White's Tree Frog is not only a great pet and friendly member of nature. Tree frogs have made significant contributions to the scientific community in recent years.

HIV Research

In 2005, researchers at Vanderbilt University reported that they had found that secretions from frogs (most prominently the Australian Red-Eyed Tree Frog) could effectively block HIV infection by producing peptides that attacked the HIV cells. The American Foundation for AIDS Research has agreed to fund the research to allow these scientists to better understand how these peptides kill HIV cells. Though a solution could be years away, frogs may have made the next leap forward in the search for a cure.

More information: Science Daily

Other Advances

Secretions from White's Tree Frogs have also been studied as potential treatment options for

So give your frog some credit. It may look like it's just sitting there, but it ain't easy solving the world's problems!