Feeding Your White's Tree Frog

Most tree frogs don't move around much, literally sitting like a bump on a log. That is, except when it is feeding time. One of the great joys I get from owning a frog is watching him stalk his prey and chase after it. White's Tree Frogs can eat mealworms, crickets, and tiny mice. I've spoken to some owners who found that their frogs were too bored by mealworms and even refused to eat them. I've never had the desire to feed my frog a baby mouse (though here is a nice clip in case you are curious).

For many white's tree frogs (including mine), the meal of choice is crickets. You should feed your pal a few crickets 2-3 times a week. White's Tree Frogs will eat and eat, so beware of overfeeding. If the folds over your frog's eyes begin to grow to the point they cover its eyes, it is time to put your friend on a diet.

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